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Author: Fay Kokri
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

Are you planning a party and unsure what to serve your guests? Finger foods are always a popular choice, and there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.

There are many things to consider when throwing a party, but one of the most important is the food. Finger foods are always a crowd pleaser, and there are so many different types that there's sure to be something for everyone. The simple mantra is to keep it simple.

This guide will give some of the best finger foods for party gatherings. We'll also provide tips on how to prepare and serve them. So whether you're hosting a small get-together or a large celebration, include some of these tasty morsels.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

There's no denying it: finger foods just make sense. After all, who wants to be lugging around a fork and knife at a party? Let's be honest; finger foods are just way more fun.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

But while finger foods may seem like the perfect party food, there's a lot to make them just suitable. Here are 13 things everybody ought to know about finger foods for parties:

Timing Is Everything

You want your guests to be able to enjoy their food without having to wait in line for too long. So plan accordingly and make sure you have enough food for everyone.

While you might be tempted to show off your culinary skills with an intricate finger food dish, sometimes more straightforward is better. After all, your guests are more likely to appreciate a direct bite that they can quickly grab and go.

Regarding finger foods, think about who will attend your party. If you're expecting a lot of kids, you might want to steer clear of foods that are too messy or require utensils.

Go for a Variety of Options

Finger foods come in all shapes and sizes, so it's essential to have various options on hand. That way, everyone can find something they like.

This one seems obvious, but it's worth mentioning. No one likes being left out when the food runs out, so make enough for everyone.

When planning your finger foods, be sure to take into account any dietary restrictions or allergies your guests might have. You don't want anyone to feel left out or unable to enjoy the food.

Get Creative With The Presentation

Finger foods can be simple, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Get creative with your presentation and ensure your finger foods are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Finger foods are meant to be minor, so keep the portions manageable. No one wants to feel stuffed after eating just a few bites.

Keep It Bite-Sized

This goes hand-in-hand with portion size, but it's worth mentioning. When it comes to finger foods, more minor is better. Guests can easily pop them into their mouths without using utensils.

No one likes getting their hands all greasy, so avoid finger foods that are too oily or fried. Instead, opt for lighter options like fruits and vegetables.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth mentioning. After all, you don't want your guests struggling to eat their food. So avoid finger foods that are too difficult to bite or chew.

Don't Forget The Dipping Sauce

Dipping sauces can take finger foods to the next level, so be sure to have a few on hand. From ketchup and mustard to ranch and BBQ sauce, there's sure to be something for everyone.

Finger foods are all about having fun. So don't stress too much and just enjoy the process. After all, that's what parties are all about. After all, you don't want your guests struggling to eat their food. So avoid finger foods that are too difficult to bite or chew.

Which Drinks Pair Well With Finger Foods

If a dish is sweet, you'll want to pair it with a drink that has a high acidity to balance out the flavors. On the other hand, if a dish is spicy, you'll want to pair it with a drink with a higher sugar content to help offset the heat.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

Here are some specific examples of drinks that pair well with common finger foods:

  • Chicken wings: A crisp beer or a fruity white wine
  • Mini quiches: A dry sparkling wine or a light rosé
  • Crab cakes: A dry white wine or a light beer 
  • Vegetable tempura: A light beer or a dry white win

Generally, it's best to avoid pairing red wines with finger foods as they can quickly become overwhelming. Stick to lighter drinks that won't overpower the delicate flavors of the food

Simple Tips on How To Prepare Finger Foods For a Party

One of the most important aspects of party planning is deciding what kind of food to serve. If you're looking for something different from the typical chips and dip, finger foods are always a good option.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

They're easy to make and can be tailored to fit any theme or dietary restriction. Plus, who doesn't love eating with their hands?

Here are a few tips on preparing finger foods for your next party.

  • Choose recipes that can be made ahead of time. Finger foods are usually best when served cold or at room temperature. This means you won't have to worry about them getting cold while you're busy mingling with guests. Recipes like veggie platters, fruit kabobs, and mini quiches can all be made ahead of time and stay fresh for several hours.
  • Stick to simple ingredients. When it comes to finger foods, less is usually more. Choose recipes that use fresh, whole ingredients that aren't too complicated. This will make it easier to prepare and ensure they taste their best.
  • Get creative with your presentation. Finger foods can be served on just about anything - from a traditional platter to a piece of greenery. Get creative and have fun with it! Your guests will appreciate your effort in making the food look as good as it tastes.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Finger Foods For Party

The Best Way to Cleanup After a Finger Food Party

The best way to clean up after a finger food party is to use a paper towel. Paper towels are absorbent and will help to remove any oil or grease from the surface of the food. If you use a cloth towel, rinse it in hot water before using it again.

Another option is to use disposable gloves. These can be found at most hardware stores and help keep your hands clean while you are cleaning up. Be sure to dispose of the gloves after you have finished cleaning up.

Finally, make sure that you wash all of the dishes that were used during the party. This includes any pots and pans that were used for cooking the food. Washing the dishes by hand is the best way to ensure they are clean and free of bacteria.


Finger foods are a great way to keep your guests happy and fed at your next party. By choosing the right snacks, you can make sure that everyone has something they enjoy. 

These tips help you choose the best finger foods for your next bash. Have you tried any of these recipes? What was your favorite? Call us to learn more.

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