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Author: My Chef Guru
Monday, December 12, 2022

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business

I know you are questioning which CRM best suits your catering business. Well, there are over 300 CRMs right now, and you will have to look at different factors before choosing one. After going through the factors, you will have an easy time making your final decision.

There are different factors to consider when choosing the best CRM. Many CRMs in the catering industry offer new features and promise improvement of your workflow. If you are not careful, you can choose the wrong CRM that can affect your business and lead to losses. CRMs provide customers with real-time information.

This post will look at some factors to consider when choosing CRM software for your catering business. I will look at how each element plays out. After understanding the factors, you can match them with your business workflow and choose your software. Read on.

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business

When you have a catering business, you need more time to handle different aspects of the business. They demand more time and concentration for things to fall in the right place. It can be challenging, and you may end up failing. 

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business

Every business needs CRM software that matches business requirements and activities. They help you understand customer relationships and use that data in making decisions. They combine all the functionalities into one place from sales, customer service, marketing, e.t.c. The business owner has the role of choosing which CRM to work with. The factors below will enable you to make the right decision.

What to look for when choosing CRM for your catering business

When selecting a CRM for your catering business, there are several requirements you must consider. Currently, we have many CRMs due to an increase in demand. You have to be careful; getting the right CRM is a bit complicated. It can take you some time and energy to get the best. Several factors can help one decide which one to work with.

The list of factors is as follows.


When you select the CRM, you must ensure it matches your budget. You have to analyze if all the features they offer match your budget. Your budget must meet all your upgrades, integration with new apps, customization, after-sales, etc. You need to do a lot of research from different sources to get one that matches what you can afford.

Before selecting the CRM of your choice. List all the elements your ideal CRM has to have first. Contact management, sales, and email automation, dashboards, marketing tools, a sales funnel, integration, and other features are a few of the features. You check each CRM while verifying your checklist after listing all the features. If it satisfies the majority or all of them, you accept it.

Customization and reporting

You deal with various departments when working in the catering industry. For instance, preparing food, serving it, planning, setting up, etc. Similarly, you should be able to think about and enjoy all of your demands with a decent CRM.

Every user should be supported by it, and it should be a great asset to everyone. Each team member must increase everything they do to produce insights for the organization that can boost its revenues.


When selecting the CRM, you must ensure that it is compatible with any existing software you own. If it is not compatible, it's a bit hard to use it as you will struggle on the way.

Your CRM should allow you to increase some services when the business expands. The system should be more flexible to support your growth. A scalable CRM enables you to focus on other aspects of the business as you will have the chance to increase what you want when the customer database increases.

Integrates with other apps

The CRM you select should be able to integrate with other applications and software like ERP for your business. It gives you more power by getting more of your sales, financial records, and marketing details in one place.

Also, It'll allow you to talk to your clients and save time you could spend doing it manually. It also enables you to understand customer issues and how you can solve them. 


When selecting your CRM, ensure it's very accessible. Your team can access it from their mobile phones, cloud, desktop, or any smart device. It improves connectivity between one another, making it easier to use.

Also, it will provide more freedom where you can use it anytime and anywhere, improving the productivity and efficiency of the team. It offers more convenience to the users. 


You can check the reputation of the CRMs in your restaurant field by reading customer reviews. Choosing the one with good reviews is a good option as it shows that people enjoy their services.

You may waste your finances if you select the one with bad reviews. Reviews can be a significant deciding factor other than factors like pricing, support, e.t.c.

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business

Customer support

The CRM should have good customer care so that you just contact them in case of any queries. There are several CRM that have companies as partners who can act on their behalf. It is a good solution, and it can help you save time.

Good customer care support gives you hope of fixing issues quickly without losing clients. You can look at things to see if they have good support by reading reviews about their response time from previous customers, checking the means of the channel they use, and if it's 24/7.

Easy to use

The CRM you chose should be easy to use. It will make the team enjoy and accept it, providing more value easily. It should have a simple design, easy to generate reports, and analyze different aspects.

When you want to train them how to use it, they will not have a hard time understanding it. It should also have good documentation and tutorial videos that can guide your team if they are stuck on something. 

Confirm if it is GDPR compliance

Currently, several data regulations require CRM to protect the customer's data. A CRM that complies with all the regulations proves that it can manage customer data well.

Some regulations include clients receiving notification of deletion if they decide to terminate their accounts. Another scenario is when a client asks for all the information you handle under your CRM, they need a copy or report you have to provide.

Ensuring CRM is compliant before subscribing can save you finances that you would spend paying fines.

Functionalities of using CRM in the catering business

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business

Some of the activities you can carry out in the CRM include:

  • Offering discounts to customers.
  • Answering frequently asked questions.
  • Designing landing pages for your site.
  • Linking your business social media handles.
  • Saving all the pictures.
  • Good at networking that helps you land new clients.
  • Improve data entry for the team.
  • Store the lead information safely.
  • Expand the customer base.

How to choose the best CRM for your catering business


CRMs play an essential role in the marketing department of the catering business. It enables you to understand your clients better, which increases profits. It automates most of the marketing processes by maximizing all the potential. It makes the management of marketing your business easy. It will also promote productivity and efficiency at your workplace.

Are you willing to deploy CRM to your catering business? At MCG, We can help you select the right CRM according to your needs and budget and configure it for you. We have a team of professionals to help you with that. Contact us today to help you maximize your earnings using a CRM.

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