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Understanding permits and licenses

Licensing processes for new and existing businesses can be tasking. Licenses are more general, and they grant the holder permission to use or do something. For professionals, licensing implies that the holder is competent enough to carry out certain roles. On the other hand, permits are meant for safety purposes such as health and often require prior inspection before issuance. Businesses require several licenses and permits issued by federal, state, county, and municipal agencies. The aim of these requirements is for government tax compliance and other industry regulations.
Does every business require a permit or license?

The type of license you require for your business depends on where you operate your business and the service or goods involved. A general business license or business operating license is not mandatory in most states. However, the law may require you to obtain a business license from your county or city. Some businesses, such as agriculture and medicine, require licensing from the relevant federal regulatory agency or state. Online businesses also require registration and licensing from the state and city where the business is located.
Types of business licenses and permits

There are different types of business permits, and if you intend to start a business, you may need one or several of these. Business operating license to allow you to do business in your state or locality, and where you obtain the license varies from one state to another. Sellers permit required for persons selling goods in person or online, allowing the business operator to collect taxes from customers. DBA or fictitious name statement, also known as “doing business as,” allows you to operate under a different name from that you’ve legally registered your business. Special permits may or not be a requirement for your business Industry license is required in certain service industries such as childcare, law, medicine, electrical businesses, and salons. A federal license applies to specific industries such as firearms, aviation, and alcohol, issued by the US government.
Procedure for obtaining a business license or permit

The procedure for obtaining a business license in different states varies. Generally, you need to first apply for an employer tax identification number, and you may use either a federal tax ID number or Social Security Numbers. Before you apply, you also need to determine the type of license or permit you to need, depending on the type of business and where you live. Don’t forget you need to renew your license or permit as required, which can be either annually or every five years.
Let My Chef Guru handle it for you.

It is obvious how tedious it can get your business off the ground. A business permit should be the last thing troubling you at this point. Whether you are obtaining a license for a new business or renewing a license for an existing business, My Chef Guru is the ideal place to go for your business permits. We understand the challenges you are experiencing to get your business off the ground; thus, we keep our charges as low as possible. Contact us for free consultation services.

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