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Whether friendly getherings, reunions, or a romantic dinner, we personalize every meal and bring out something special in every bite.

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Every memorable event needs competitive catering services to serve as icing on the cake. Your special event needs to have special and quality food to make it stand out. My Chef Guru is the reliable caterer you need, providing both ready-made food and on-site cooking.



Are you ready to define the relationship your business has with its customers? Our Customer relations management services is built to enhance customer satisfaction, track communication, and built relationships. Enjoy our efficient, organized, and time-responsive system.

Food Truck Map

Get your dietary needs sorted for your next event by reaching out to My Chef Guru. Our food is tasty, healthy, and made with the finest ingredients on the market. Bring us the details, and we will bring the food to you.

How To Cook

Do you want to TAKE OUT takeout from your normal food regimen? Forget about your amateur cooking skills, My Chef Guru is about to turn you into a culinary master. Make use of our detailed and well researched recipes to make an impact on your health, weight, and physical fitness.

Menu Creation

A menu is not just a menu; a good menu will always communicate the theme of the restaurant and bring it to life. Clear descriptions, a well-planned layout, aesthetics, and proper pricing are all important to properly communicate to the clients. Talk to My Chef Guru to create your perfect business menu.


Permit and Licensing

We understand, getting a license or a permit can be a tricky and tedious situation, especially for a first timer. But for industry regulations and tax compliance reasons, it is mandatory for businesses to adhere to these for smoother operations. Allow My Chef Guru to take care of your licensing and permit needs.

Point of Sale

POS System

You no longer have to carry out your businesses by clutching bundles of money or putting them in a drawer. My Chef Guru can hook you up with modern, reliable, and cheap point of sale systems to execute your services and keep a good sales record.


Every successful business invests in the best supplies to ensure quality remains constant, and customer satisfaction is achieved. In the food industry especially, fresh supplies can make or break your business. My Chef Guru provides supply services that meet your every need.



If you have no idea how to grow certain foods, their nutritional benefits, and much more, you have come to the right place. Starting a new adventure might get confusing, but the right guidance can lead to the first successful step. View our tutorials for the best guidance.

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