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My name is Rose Gabriella and I am 24 years old. I am a mom to a beautiful child known as Royalty and married to a nice guy. I am Eritrean and half Italian from my dad's side. We fled from Eritrea when we were undergoing to boundary cessation wars from Ethiopian government and that is how my dad and mom separated and we fled to Kenya. In Kenya I grew up to be a smart nice girl. Always passed my school and become an ICT expert.

I started writing when I was only 15 years old as a hobbyist and not the professional aspect. When I finished high school I met my husband who trained me how to write articles and at first I did not focus much on it but with time I realized, you know this is a real time job wherein people are actually earning money and making a kill out here. Then I took courses to help me on my journey as a copywriter and a content writer in several platforms as well as by a myriad of several different professionals in the industry. 

This was back in 2018 and in no time I started writing articles for different people and with time I got several nods of approval from different clients all over the world either in Upwork, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al. I can write on several niches such as cuisines, tour and travel, bodybuilding, adult, religion, psychology, wellbeing, IT, et al. I have been professionally writing now for 6 years wherein all my clients appreciate my articles

So why hire me? I am the go to guy when you need top notch content that stands out from your competitors' website. Having known how to use keywords and perfectly optimize articles I know the ins and outs of making your website rate top 7 in different search engines. That said, when you give me a task to write, I first make a plan how I will curate the article where word will complement the next, and where they make sensible a sentence. Then sentence by sentence till it makes a sensible paragraph. With time, an entire article will have been created from scratch.  I also check out what competitive websites are doing to rank so I craft out an idea how to outdo them. When I am done writing, I make sure that the work is passed through the following software:

  1. Copyscape to mitigate any chances of plagiarism
  2. Grammarly to ensure that there are no grammatical errors and the work is easy to read
  3. Hemmingway to prevent reading is easy and there are no jargon or fluff errors
  4. Turnitin as a final check to prevent plagiarism.

Then if there are additional instructions like interpolating pictures, videos, or links.

My rates are impressive and so affordable. I remember one of my clients referring my rates as “champagne at beer price” and therefore be assured of champagne quality at a beer price. Plus I am communicative, professional, respect deadlines and accept positive criticism because I know this is pivotal for my clients. Feel free to hire my services anytime as I am a full time writer.



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Rose Gabriella

4/15/2022 6:36:19 AM


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